5 Simple Budget-Friendly Tips for Updating Your Spring Fashion Wardrobe
By Sarah Birmingham

This article will feature “women’s” fashion, but “men’s” lines are offered by Joe Fresh and Walmart. Joe Fresh carries a gender-neutral line too.

  1. Purchase Dupes That Will Save You Plenty of Your Looks While Mimicking the Same Texture and Style. A dupe is a product like the original but more affordable.
  2. Invest in Staples That Will Last Longer and Look Polished. Staples are items that can be used throughout all seasons. They are items of quality materials that are usually a solid colour.
  3. Shop Smart by Mixing High-End with Low-Cost Pieces. Mixing the high-end pieces, you already have with low-cost seasonal fashion pieces will amplify any outfit.
  4. Mix and Match Online versus In-Store Purchases for Unique Looks. In-store purchases are based on the demographic. But, if you want unique items, source them out on online stores.
  5. Choose Stores that Amplify Your Personality. Embrace colourful prints and bold accessories to add personality to your outfit. It is spring, so embody the colours of spring to give yourself that pop!


The Top Spring Color Trends to Wear in 2023 (Guerra, 2023):

  • Robins Eggs Blue
  • Lavender
  • Every Shade of Unconventional Blue
  • Pastel Pink
  • Teal
  • Blood Orange
  • Green


Online Stores

A tip for purchasing items online is to have a measuring tape on hand. So you can ensure you are purchasing the correct size. Sending items back for return can be time-consuming. To avoid all of that, be prepared with a measuring tape.


Female-owned active wear company based in Hong Kong. Joyce Zhange is the founder and CEO. Halara offers dupes of the brand’s outdoor voices. The workout dresses would cost $100.00, with Halara costing around $50.00.

You may want a new fit for your golf games or tennis practice. They have an incredible texture, all while holding the quality of their products.

Halara sells dresses, skirts, joggers, pants, leggings, tops, plus size, and many items in their sales collections. Due to being a clothing line with designs or flat colours, these pieces are perfect for mixing and matching with your current wardrobe.


Has great Lululemon dupes! There are plenty of options for fitness items in many colours and sizes.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Dupe $24.98 Versus $44.00
Lululemon Align Tank Top Dupe $25.99 Versus $68.00
Lululemon Define Jacket Luon Dupe $59.99 Versus $128.00


Superstore (Joe Fresh):

Joe Fresh is for your business casual, relaxed fits, and going-out looks. This line is an excellent choice for plus sizes as well. And you can get 20% off if you shop online! Something to know about them, their sizes are larger than usual, so if you are looking for a fitted appearance, go down a size.

Fun fact! Joe Fresh also carries a Gender Free line.

This whole look: $192.00, minus the trench coat which would make the outfit $103.00.

These four items are very easy to mix and match with other outfits. This is a classy, yet functional outfit.

Flounce Skirt $29.00, Tunic Shirt $35.00, Button Down Vest $39.00, Trench Coat $89.00


For our plus size beauties: The plus size sections seem more impressive than the lower size sections. For example, this skirt is something else! It is an item that can be taken into any season. Very flattering soft front slit giving extra curvature. The pink shirt is excellent for a low-key event where you want to be comfortable; add a necklace and boom, you are styled up for spring.

Denim Skirt $39.00, Women and Cable Knit Sweater $35.00, Women Henley Shirt $24.00


You may think, Walmart? Really? Yes! Their multiple lines of clothing are very useful to dress you up or down. Including their accessories, you can get a new purse, jewelry, and an outfit for around $100.00.

Walmart’s collections are vast, and their stock differs at each location while changing often. This is one I recommend taking some time to browse through there.

Walmart carries:
Plus, Maternity, Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Swimwear & cover-ups, Activewear, and Outerwear.

Whether online or in-store purchases are your jive, you can find a budget-friendly way to spice up your spring wardrobe! Focus on the top colours for this season, while searching out classy staples and dupes. Happy shopping to my fellow fashionistas!