Why is the Post Script so important?

It’s a familiar situation.

You’re seated with your writing instrument of choice, drafting a message of the utmost importance to a friend/colleague/family member/etc., the words flying from mind to page in quick succession until you put down the final sentence-ending period.

That’s when you realize you have more to say.

Rather than trying to fit this additional thought into your message like the extra piece of a jigsaw puzzle, you instead turn to a more effective method of addition.

From the Latin postscriptum, meaning “written after,” the humble P.S. is used to add any & all extra tidbits that might come to mind following the conclusion of a letter.

From the Fundraising perspective:

The P.S. is one of the most important pieces in a fundraising appeal  letter often because most donors and prospective donors will read the P.S. first. Here’s one way to effectively use the P.S.

The Pointed Appeal – if we are asking for $1,000 that may be too much to ask from some donors  and too little to ask from others. Knowing your donors is crucial and understanding their giving patterns based on the donor’s history is a good indicator of the donor’s giving.