Why Do You Volunteer?

It was estimated in 2022 that over 1 BILLION people worldwide volunteer their time and services regularly, a number that increased with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the selfless desire to help others is a universal experience, no two people have the same answer when it comes to the question at hand: Why do you volunteer?

“It’s a fun, social activity, and it feels good to do something
that’s aligned with my interests outside of work.”

Volunteering is good for everyone involved, including the volunteers themselves! It creates the opportunity to contribute to a benevolent goal, to learn through experience, and to connect with others who share the same values. All these benefits can vastly elevate one’s self-confidence, sense of purpose, and overall satisfaction with their lives by disrupting the day-to-day tensions that can negatively affect their mental, emotional, and physical states.

“I volunteer because I have specialized skills that are usually
 expensive and unavailable to many of those that need them.”

Time and energy are not the only things that can be donated through the act of volunteering; specialized skills such as grant writing, accounting, and legal services can prove to be highly valuable, as they are often inaccessible to organizations due to their high price tag. By contributing these skills pro-bono, volunteers can assist in expanding the pool of resources available for those who need them.

“Because I know what it’s like to need some extra help.”

In an age that promotes individualism more and more, it can be easy to overlook the struggles of our neighbors. Whether you are volunteering your time, your energy, and/or your skills, you are extending a helping hand out to those in need, and ultimately contributing to the mission to improve the world of today for the population of tomorrow.

“I didn’t realize I was volunteering until someone asked how much I charged for tutoring.
When I thought about it, it didn’t make sense to me to charge for what was intended to help
anyone who needed it, not just someone who could afford it.”
-Manoah –

Despite all the benefits associated with volunteering, recent statistics shared by Volunteer Canada show that up to 65% of organizations across the country are currently struggling due to a shortage of volunteers. As a result of this shortage, several organizations have had to reduce their available services and resources to stay afloat. Volunteer Canada’s president and CEO Megan Conway, however, remains optimistic in the face of this crisis, citing the potential for, “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink how we, as a country, re-imagine volunteering.”

At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. While the actions might evolve and change with the times, the ultimate motivation for why we volunteer remains the same: we all want to make a difference!

If you are interested in giving back to your community and contributing to a brighter tomorrow, resources are available with Volunteer Canada, VolunteerMatch, and VolunteerConnector.