What Makes an Annual Report great?

An annual report is an essential comprehensive document that showcases your organization’s achievements for the past year.  Whether your organization is a company or a social-profit, both have shareholders.

From our experience, what makes an annual report great is a team of individuals who do not concern themselves with Ego.  What matters most is that we all have the same objective: to produce a great annual report that your shareholders will love and one you will be proud to share with them!

Is the Annual Report Format Changing? 

We think so.  The Cool Cats at Pounce Support Services™ have observed many different organizations’ formats to convey key messages to their shareholders – donors, sponsors, and others.

Some prefer a traditional format with 12 plus pages. In contrast, some modern-day annual reports use various infographics to capture all of their last years’ accomplishments within two pages, and some have all they need and use both sides of a postcard!

Many businesses are choosing to go the paperless route by showcasing their annual report on their website. This digital online presence significantly decreases paper costs as organizations only having to print a copy when needed.  Whatever works best for your organization rules.

3 Tips

       Be sure to craft exciting and inspirational content and tell that heartfelt story that your audience will read.
       Figure out your timetable – coordinate with your Annual General Meeting (AGM) date –
           starting this project with a critical path outlook is best – remember to begin with the last           
           detail first – work backwards – map out precisely what you hope for and expect.
       Keep it clean and be clear on what you say – remember, current and potential investors will be reading it!


What do you want your shareholders to know?  What are your key messages?  What about the tone of the annual report?  Is the team in agreement?  What kind of structure do you have and need?  Do you have a plan? Do you have an idea about the content for each page?

We Can Help!

Gathering and capturing all the information you will need before you begin to write your annual report can be challenging.  But fear not, Pounce Support Services™ can assist you with this daunting task.

Creating an outstanding annual report can take eight weeks or more. Keep in mind there are a lot of small details to remember to include. You have to gather all of the information needed. Think about and agree upon the theme and the expected look once completed. Develop a draft that will be reviewed at least three times and then get management approval to move forward.  Be aware; you will need additional time to find and select photos, artwork, proofreading, printing, and mailing for hard copy annual reports.

We can assist you with the theme, development, strategy, and the writing of your annual report.  Contact us to find out more at 780.819.0095.