What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, Right?


I am happy to have had the opportunity to connect with one of my childhood best friends, Diane Baron, who continues to live in Montreal today.

From living in our family homes on Charron Street to working at the Point St. Charles YMCA as day camp counsellors, moving out to venture into adulthood by living independently, double-dating, and so much more, Diane and I have weathered many friendship storms. We are grateful to have been in each other’s lives for almost 40 years and continue to build upon a lifetime of memories and make new ones!

Like any relationship, it takes time to build, patience to understand and to be understood, and the things in life that make it possible to nurture.  Communication also plays a pivotal role…did I mention that Diane is a Francophone, and I am an Anglophone? Sometimes, some context may get lost in translation, but we managed to make it work!

Listening and understanding what people say certainly applies to fund development and communications.  It is important to be patient and ask questions to understand the vision and the task clearly…Did I mention that you must ensure the expectations are crystal clear on both sides?

Fundraising is about building relationships with people, much like Diane and me.  It takes time to build, but once established, there is mutual trust, caring, respect, and a chance to explore all the possibilities that lead to a successful journey.

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Pawsitively yours,

Founder and Principal Navigator