We Heard You!

Having to do more with fewer resources continually creates a recipe for burnout within the workforce. I know this, sadly, because I was there twice. Individuals are tasked with having to do more without additional support, and studies show this is impacting their mental health and quality of life. I realized I could not do it all; I did not want to, nor did I sign up to be a superwoman in the workplace. I wanted to do the best work possible for compensation that aligned with my experience.

The Crystal Ball

Years ago, I asked a busy colleague of mine how she did it all. She was a mother, wife, daughter, and businesswoman who wore so many hats and had so many commitments daily.  I asked her how she juggled everything.

With all the priorities described as juggling balls in the air, she shared that one of those balls is made of crystal, and you cannot afford to let that one fall to the ground as it represents family.  I couldn’t agree with her more. 

What are your crystal balls, and how do you keep them from falling?

It’s Time to Get More

I realized early on that I needed help. So, I engaged the services of Schif And The City for website development and more, as well as Ingrid Carleton, a virtual assistant. It’s been one of my best decisions for our team. It helped us stay focused on our clients’ needs and continue to reach out to more entrepreneurs, foundations, corporations, charities, and nonprofits to help them in fundraising, communications, and public relations.

Where do you need help?  We’re here, ready to listen, 780.819.0095.


 Meow for now,

Founder and Principal Navigator