Up Close & Personal with Wayne Lee  

For over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege to show over 6,000 companies and more than 100 000 individuals how to use hypnosis to harness the power of the subconscious mind to perform at higher levels and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Although hypnosis can look very mystical and magical, the truth is it’s what we are doing to ourselves all day long by the words we are saying to ourselves and the pictures that we create in our mind’s eye.

If these words and pictures are negative then your corresponding feelings, performance, and results will be negative.

Here is a recent story about how this played out in my family.

You’re about to see how my wife Nicole and I, like everyone else, can sometimes give ourselves suggestions (hypnotize ourselves) that feel terrible. Here’s what happened…Our nine-year-old son Ledger recently had COVID. 

The diagnosis shocked us as we were being super careful. After a few sleepless nights of monitoring his breathing to make sure he wasn’t struggling, we were so relieved that his asthma didn’t result in any severe complications.

After five days, he seemed back to himself (and happy to be on the IPAD in his room all day quarantining).

Two weeks later, he was back to school. All seemed back to normal. What a relief!

But right after school, everything changed.

He complained of severe muscle pain in his leg and had trouble walking. What is going on!?

We each had thoughts and visions of him being affected for the rest of his life, having trouble walking, needing therapy and medication, not being able to play sports as he does now…

This is what we call the Negative TRANCE Trap and as our mind spins with thought errors, it makes us feel AWFUL. Can you relate???

After catching ourselves using our imaginations to produce thought errors about the future and cause fear, we then did the opposite to feel better and be more positive. 

Ledger’s condition continues to evolve, and we don’t know how long COVID will take to fully resolve.  However, we know we can handle anything.
Please do not waste time being stuck in the Negative TRANCE Trap when faced with uncertainty because it only magnifies discomfort and fear and misaligns you from your true essence.

You deserve better.

BE the Magic & FEEL IT!
Wayne Lee is an Award-Winning Hypnotist, Peak Performance Expert, and Hall of Fame Speaker. He helps organizations and individuals TRANCE-FORM their Mindset to live with more Joy, Freedom, and Love and Achieve their Goals. If you want to learn more about how you can Reset your Subconscious go to  https://waynelee.com/21-day-challenge. If you want to book Wayne for your next corporate or fundraising event, go to https://waynelee.com/. Connect with Wayne at 780.989.7000.