Professionals At Work Serving Featuring Ingrid Schifer: How the “Alpha of the Pack” hunts alongside the PAWS Hub at Pounce Support Services
 By Alex Goebel, Public Relations Practitioner

Interviewing Ingrid Schifer is a truly enlightening experience. A self-coined philanthropista and Alpha of the Pack at her communications and social media firm, Schif And The City, Ingrid smoothly juggles her role, her team, and her commitments to fundraising as well as shaping the future of north Edmonton’s urban design well into the future.

For more than a decade, Ingrid and her affectionately referred to wolf pack team have been working with a wide variety of corporations, entrepreneurs, associations, and charities with social media, design, content, event marketing and website development.

“We are small enough to be nimble and quickly respond to new trends,
while established enough to offer clients a professional business-to-business experience.”

The Alpha shared the values of her company with us,

“We love what we do and do it with excellence. We respect the importance of our work and exert our creative freedom daily.  We are committed to augmenting our knowledge consistently so we can continue to provide leading-edge insight to our clients.”Ingrid is also dedicated to giving back to the community. She currently serves on the board of such organizations as fundraising leader for The 100 YEG and Chair of the North Edge Business Association. Ingrid finds herself fueled by her commitment, renewed, and empowered by their purpose. She explains,

“They’re all so rewarding. When you aren’t passionate about something, it *will* catch up to you.
Make sure your personal values align with what you’re campaigning for.”

A dear friend and client to Pounce Support Services™, Ingrid and her team manage the web administration and maintenance, guide the social media division, and prepare production and multimedia for day-to-day operations and promotion. As of June 2021, they recently helped facilitate the “Party with Pounce” virtual launch event, which has been a long journey coming from the very infancy of Pounce as a company.

“If you like our website, imagine what Ingrid and her team can do for you”, says Kat Mooney, Founder and Principal of Pounce Support Services™.

“It is not an easy task to take a hard-to-define mental image and carve it into something real…”

Kat and Ingrid met through a community foundation they were both working with and formed a fast friendship, one that would help spark the very concept of Pounce Support Services™. As Ingrid explained, 
“I met Kat Mooney through a project with a not-for-profit she was working for. We hit it off and became friends first. But it wasn’t until she was thinking around the idea of breaking out on her own that we started working together.”

Ingrid recalls her early experiences fondly in the fundraising scene, including one event that quickly became her favorite, one that Schif And The City was the presenting sponsor for during all five years it was produced – the In Her Shoes Gala in support of WIN House Shelter and put on by Lisa Ground, Mrs. North America Globe Classic. Ending in 2019, the event resonated with her on a very personal level; she felt inspired by Lisa Ground’s ability to share her personal story as a survivor of domestic violence.

“Buy me a latte, and I’ll give you a couple of stories…”

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