Time to POUNCE on Your Next Virtual Event with Trellis!


Are you ready to host a virtual fundraiser? The answer is YES:

For many organizations, it has been a long time since they have connected with their donors. Of course, connecting in person brings a level of engagement that is hard to recreate but right now, that is, unfortunately, not possible. What is possible is the opportunity to delight and engage your donors in a creative and innovative virtual setting.

Hundreds of organizations have been incredibly successful with a virtual fundraiser where their donors had a chance to engage with and donate to an organization they support. Some have even seen more success than their in-person fundraiser held the year before.

Your donors want to give, you have the resources to create a successful virtual event, and the uncertainty is not going away; it is time to host a virtual fundraiser for your organization!

“This year, we raised over $300,000 with a virtual fundraiser, and donations continue to trickle in. This is a historic amount for our foundation.” – Joshua Marshall, Development Manager at Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation.

Three ingredients for a successful virtual fundraiser:

There are only three ingredients, and they are all at your fingertips!

  (1) A willingness to dive into virtual events to engage with your donors and raise more funds for your organizations.
  (2) A fundraising consultant that will guide you along your path to success.
  (3) An online fundraising software that can power your virtual event.

What do you need from your online fundraising software?

Find an easy-to-use platform and offers features to host all types of virtual fundraisers (tickets, donations, silent auctions, live auctions/fund-a-need, raffles, e-commerce, and peer-to-peer). You will save time and money with an all-in-one platform!

Look for these features/benefits:

  –  Easy-to-use and get started
  –  All-in-one revenue-driving features
  –  Risk-free pricing structure
  –  Automated tax receipts to save you time
  –  Customizable pages to meet your branding needs
  –  Great page building support

To help get your research started: learn more about Trellis! Trellis is an all-in-one platform for virtual, in-person, and every fundraiser in-between.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trellis. The fact that it was so easy to use, the customer support is always there, and you can brand the fundraiser page to meet your needs; why wouldn’t you!” – Bronwyn Greer, Tournament Director, U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship

Now that you have a great head-start on the online platform you need to make it happen, let’s get started building a virtual event to raise more funds for your organization!
The Cool Cats at Pounce Support Services™ is ready to POUNCE on the opportunity to guide you to success with your next virtual fundraiser. Give us a call – 780.819.0095 or send us an email: curious@pouncesupportservices.com.