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Featuring Katrina Roldan

Hi, my name is Katrina Roldan and, I’m excited to share a bit about myself with you!  I’m originally from Vancouver Island.  BC but have called Edmonton my home since 2005.  Since moving here, I’ve been lucky to participate in many community outreach and volunteer initiatives.  From fundraising for and running in The Run for the Cure to helping provide hot meals and support for the un-housed, helping people has been how I choose to share my gifts with the city I love. 

When I was 24, I worked in retail for a large ladies’ shoe chain and had the good fortune to have an incredible manager.  She taught me how to be a true leader.  Heidi saw her role as not only to manage her employees but also share her love of helping.  In that role, I worked primarily with senior women who wanted comfortable yet dressy shoes and handbags or stylish shoes they could wear to walk for exercise.  I was taught many things in my time there, but the one I remember the most and fit the best with who I am is helping people should be a joy to be cherished, not a burden to bear.  I loved seeing the look of happiness on those women’s faces when I could fit them with a beautiful pair of shoes that felt good for them to wear.  I was honoured when they shared snippets of their lives with me about the war or being the first woman in their family to work outside the home. 

I loved my time there, but when I needed a new challenge, I started working for companies that served other businesses.  I loved the challenges and learning new skills.  I felt that the services I provided made a difference for our clients.  While working for a large travel management company, I helped hundreds of companies ensure their employees were safe when they traveled for business.  We had a 24/7 emergency phone line dedicated to our clients who needed help.  When most call centres were closed, one of our Travel Managers would answer the call, regardless of the time of day.  I remember speaking with a client after one such call.  Their employee’s partner had gone into early labour; the employee was in Russia.  It was a wonderful feeling!  With fewer than 10 hours’ notice, we overcame what appeared to be impossible odds and helped them see their child be born. 

In early 2020, I started working in my current role with Peninsula Canada.  When I interviewed, I met both the VP of Sales and the CEO.  I appreciated that the importance of the role meant they wanted to meet me to ensure I was the right fit.  I loved everything about the company and my role in it.  When they explained that I would be working directly with small and medium business owners, I was so excited!  By helping our clients, I would not only be helping the employers/owners, but I would also be helping the employees.  In the past 24 months (almost exactly), I’ve helped hundreds of businesses.  By understanding the unique challenges facing small business owners, I provide them with a gap analysis of their current employment documentation, including employee contracts and workplace policies.  We offer several programs for HR and Health & Safety Compliance at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal resource or using the services of a consultant.  I am more than happy to offer this complimentary service to you or any employer or organizational leader you may know. 

Our goal at Peninsula Canada is three-fold:

  1. Ensure our clients are 100% compliant with employment standards/occupational health & safely legislation
  2. Assist them in creating a fair and consistent work environment
  3. Mitigate risks for the owners and their businesses


For more information about HR, employee relations, or health & safety-related question, connect with Katrina for your complimentary consultation by email or by phone at 780.399.0358.