I am in Recovery for Purr-fectionism

By Alexander Goebel, Public Relations Practitioner

In our July 2021 The Cat’s Meow E-Newsletter, I shared how Mercury Retrograde impacted our Pounce Support Services™ coming out – virtual corporate launch party in June.  Now that we’ve had time to digest the technical glitches and get over the idea and need to have everything perfect, this experience reiterated that things could and will sometimes go wrong… it’s ok, and it’s not the end of the world.

Although at first, I must admit that when two Zoom rooms were created, and we started 10 minutes late, this weighed heavily on my heart.  I was relieved when we got through the launch; I repeated myself many times because I could not see or hear our guests.  Then I was angry that things went wrong and sad because so much of our time was invested in making it perfect. I am in recovery from perfectionism, and as part of treatment and my will to get better, let me tell you about the GREAT things!  We:

Created a new firm specializing in fundraising, communications, and public relations
Survived and thrived throughout the COVID-19 worldwide Pandemic
Created a new brand and wild website
Built The Cool Cats Team
Supervised the Cubs – Two student interns from the Public Relations Department at MacEwan University
Selected Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society (IWARS) as our charity of choice
Created the PAWS (Professionals At Work Serving) Hub; a resource of professionals to help all of us
Have clients throughout Canada – soon to have clients in the US
Virtually launched Party with Pounce where 40 people attended throughout Canada and the US
Had Martin Kerr, Edmonton’s singing sensation, sing a few of his most popular songs
Listened to Chad Polita, the Executive Director at Dawson Boys & Girls Club in Montreal, share his experience of working with us
Heard Lynn Moroz from IWARS speak of her work with the animals and the need for foster cat homes
Raised almost $1,000 for IWARS!
Received honest feedback allowing us to improve upon our virtual offerings
Will help A Safe Place because Michelle Du Bruin donated her winning gift certificate of three hours to her charity of choice
Despite the technological mishaps, we moved through them quickly and efficiently

The show went on despite the glitches!

I am perfectly imperfect! Aren’t we all? Am I the only one out there?  Drop me a line and let me know – kat@pouncesupportservices.com.

Until then, I found this on the web.  Enjoy!

Kat Mooney
Founder & Principal Navigator
Pounce Support Services™