Tanya Grace, the Breath Meditation Facilitator
By Sarah Birmingham and Tanya Grace

Tanya Grace is a graduate of the Breath Meditation facilitator course Body Ascension Breath. Her training was done with her teacher, Angela. Angela travelled to Peru and learned these techniques from a Mirakle King who evolved Breathlight (the originating practice). These breathing practices are taught within communities, and the gifts are passed on to offer healing modalities to those who have an interest in and respect for the tradition.

A Breath Meditation Facilitator “takes you into a deeper level of meditation that allows for healing,” Tanya said. There is a focus on breath work that will allow you to release build-ups where oxygen has not been able to get to due to shallow breathing. Breath work can be transformational for individuals who want a greater connection with themselves and healing.

“Two-Part Breath Meditation brings in energy “Chi or Prana” and, with intention, begins to release the stuck-up energy, programs, and restrictions in the physical body. As the energy is released from the physical body, people have their own individual experiences. Whatever is needed for each participant is what comes about through the breath (thespace, n.d.).”

She works out of The Space Yoga Studio.  The Space Yoga Studio is a 100% Indigenous (Gwichyà Gwich’in) owned yoga studio and holistic wellness center (offering such additional services as meditation and Reiki) based in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, with a mandate to: Offer a yoga and holistic wellness experience unique to the City of Fort Saskatchewan; to make yoga practice accessible to all (regardless of age, gender, culture, body type, abilities, financial status, and fitness levels); to provide a safe space in which to support individuals on their physical and spiritual healing journeys; and to promote values of education, diversity, and inclusivity.

Tanya’s work is important, especially currently, because of the post covid blues. Everyone is finding a way through the anxiety that has been brought on due to the pandemic. Being able to have a form of meditation and release where there is no talking necessary is something impactful. It has been helpful, especially with ones who do not feel like talking about their feelings but prefer to share the space with like-minded individuals who are also there to release blockages in their minds and bodies.

Creating “authentic connections with your students,” Tanya says, is one of her favourite things about this work. She enjoys creating a space for others’ healing and feels honoured to be given the chance to do so. Tanya says, “This profession is incredibly rewarding.”

Tanya has been working on these techniques since 2017, and it has been proven to work for many. She foresees immersive workshops coming. Tanya’s services are available through The Space Yoga Studio. If you have further questions for Tanya, you can connect with her at the Studio at 780-912-3415 or thespaceyoga.ca.