Simone Patricia Joyaux

Fundraising Legend

We learned about the passing through a social media announcement on
May 3, 2021.

“Longing to belong. Isn’t that part of human nature?
Afraid of being forgotten.
Isn’t that part of being human, too?
Through relationships with others, we belong.
Through commitment to community, we won’t be forgotten.”
– Simone Joyaux
Strategic Fund Development 3rd edition.

Our Founder, Kat Mooney, had the privilege and was blessed to meet Simone Joyaux multiple times in Edmonton, Alberta, and Vancouver, BC. When Kat asked Simone to sign her book, this is what she wrote:

Extraordinary Donor Journey Edmonton, AB 2017
From left to right: Guy Mallabone, Simone Joyaux, Kat Mooney,
Tom Ahern, and Stephen Pidgeon

The Pounce Support Services™ team expresses our deepest condolences to Simone Joyaux’s partner in life and work, Tom Ahern, and all who loved her.