Remembering a Fundraising Guru
By Kat Mooney

It seems like yesterday when our beloved Simone Joyaux left this world. Sadly, she took her last breath on this earth on May 2, 2021. Three years have now passed.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be in the company of Simone Joyaux a couple of times. I immediately felt a very strong connection with her. I remember her warmth and wit. I remember her teachings and her sharing. I remember her fondly.

Affectionately known as Sim-one, she was a true champion of injustice, someone I believe people in general and specifically fundraisers need to know and aspire to be like. I believe in many ways I was touched by an angel.

I wanted to ask Simone if she would read my “in the making” book and to provide a few words in the forward, but I didn’t get the chance to ask her.

I am blessed to be in a photo with her. I am so glad she took a few minutes to write a personal message in her book, my book.

Extraordinary Donor Journey Edmonton, AB 2017
From left to right: Guy Mallabone, Simone Joyaux, Kat Mooney,
Tom Ahern, and Stephen Pidgeon