If you are not keeping in touch with your donors, guess what, someone else is.  When was the last time you communicated with your donors without asking them for a gift?  Remember, we never want to treat someone or have anyone feel like they are being used as a chequebook.  Have you ever thought about having a Thank-A-Thon?

The Cool Cats at Pounce Support Services™ would love to work with you by building a successful campaign to thank your donors or your clients within your budget.  Appreciation goes a long way.  Remember, this is another way to connect with the people who directly impact all that you do.

Are you ready to think and work ‘outside of the cage’?  We want to hear from you – call us at 780.819.0095.  Let’s start working together curious@pouncesupportservices.com.

Pink -Shirt Day – February 23, 2022