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Featuring Ruthann Weeks 
By: Brianna MacLean, Cub Brand Ambassador

“We want people to be able to bring their whole selves to work. It really is that simple: people are looking for meaningful work that they enjoy, get paid well for, and are treated well.”

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix was a bird that would burst into flames at the end of its life, only to rise from the ashes with new life. Over the years, to be like a Phoenix has become an analogy synonymous with the ability to rise from the ashes of adversity, and no one embodies this more than Ruthann Weeks.

A survivor of workplace harassment and psychological violence herself, Ruthann is a people and culture strategist focusing on employee relations, workplace violence & harassment prevention, and psychological safety. When her personal experience within an oppressive and toxic workplace cumulated in her being unfairly terminated, Ruthann chose to fight back, rising from the ashes by founding Harmony in the Workplace Ltd. in 2016. Committed to education and advocacy, Harmony in the Workplace Ltd. aims to provide the necessary resources to ensure that what happened to Ruthann would never happen to anyone else again.

“I want to help put an end to toxic work environments… People shouldn’t have to choose between going to work and being abused every day and putting food on the table for their families; that is a horrible position to be forced into, and no one deserves it.”

Since its earliest days, Ruthann and her organization have acted as fierce advocates and educators within the corporate world. Recognizing that sustainable change comes from the top, Harmony in the Workplace Ltd. offers employers who want to make a positive difference the necessary seminars, workshops, and additional training programs and materials to combat internal workplace bullying, harassment, and other occupational threats to the psychological safety of their employees.

Ruthann’s genuine and obvious passion for advocacy, philanthropy, and education eventually led to her personally and professionally connecting with Pounce Support Servicesä’ Founder Kat Mooney, and the PAWS Hub community. Since officially joining the PAWS Hub network, Ruthann has enthusiastically embraced the ability to connect with a group of like-minded, community-based professionals and is looking forward to the opportunity to expand the fantastic work performed at Harmony in the Workplace Ltd.

At the end of the day, when you work with Ruthann, it is clear from the beginning that you are gaining a level of support that rivals the strongest bridge. Through her unyielding passion and diverse professional background, she has mastered the ability to genuinely understand, empathize, and connect with the people Harmony in the Workplace Ltd. works with every day. It is this set of valuable traits in particular that she believes is what sets her services apart from others within the consultation industry.

Like a Phoenix, Ruthann is providing the flame that will burn down the toxic practices and spaces within the corporate world and allow her clients to rise from the ashes.

“Right now, the world is screaming for leadership; it’s not the time for people to play it small and play it safe. It’s time for people to step out into who they’re meant to be and bring their whole selves to the table.”

To connect with Ruthann, call 780-460-1019 or email