Welcome to Our 31st  Issue of The Cat’s Meow E-Newsletter!

It’s a pretty exciting time for Pounce Support Services™ as we continue to help people with their organizational needs in fundraising, communications, and public relations.

We are thrilled to share that our client, the Jewish Federation of Edmonton received almost $90,000 from the Community Services Recovery Fund.

Our team has grown to include nine members including Moi.  All professionals who care about people and make a difference in our communities with their unique areas of expertise. I cannot thank them enough: Mirande, Sarah, Imad, Ron, Paavneet, Charles, Brianna, and John. Click here.

They are The Cool Cats and together we provide a variety of services that help make your work life easier.  Our goal is to be your partner. If you need a communication strategy, a fund development plan, advice on how to increase your organization’s visibility, or anything else, we got this, and we can help. 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you but until then we hope you enjoy our 31st issue.  Happy reading!


Meow for now,

Kat Mooney
Founder & Principal Navigator
Pounce Support Services™