November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Those damn Mooney genes – or at least I mean the ones I could do without. I am like my late Dad, both crazy for sweets and much more. He had diabetes. 

I was diagnosed with type II diabetes five years ago. I am happy to share that it is under control, thanks partly to Dr. Wafaa Youssef, affectionately known as “The Angel Doctor,” who prescribed the appropriate medication for me. I admit I have to work on my diet and exercise. It can be tough at times.

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) experts, “Diabetes is a long-lasting health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy.” Click this link to learn more:

World-acclaimed author, spiritualist, and founder of her publishing company Hay House Inc., Louise Hay’s philosophy on food was, “If it grows, eat it; if it doesn’t grow, don’t eat it. 

According to Diabetes Canada, 640 people are diagnosed with diabetes every day. That means that another person develops diabetes every three minutes. There are 11.7 million people with diabetes or prediabetes, and experts believe it is rising. There is no cure, although it can be controlled through medications, diet, and exercise.

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