National Volunteer Week
April 16 – 22, 2023

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
 indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Every April, Volunteer Canada commemorates National Volunteer Week, an annual celebration that allows us all the opportunity to show gratitude to the volunteers in our lives and honour the amazing work that they do to improve our communities.

The very first National Volunteer Week was observed in Canada in 1943, where it was used to acknowledge and celebrate the many contributions made by women during World War II. While the week lost significant steam and popularity following the conclusion of the war, it was eventually revived during the late 1960s to thank the growing number of volunteers across the nation. In the 80 years since it first originated, National Volunteer Week has grown to become the largest observance of civic participation in Canada, and has even expanded to the rest of the world!

The 2023 theme for National Volunteer Week is Volunteering Weaves Us Together, which is intended to reinforce the value that volunteering has in strengthening and sustaining our connections within the community.

“Like each individual thread makes weaving stronger, every volunteer’s experience, perspective, and abilities add to our collective resilience. Woven together from coast to coast to coast, volunteering reinforces our ability to grow, thrive, and create change within our community, province, and country.”
Volunteer Canada

By contributing to the betterment of their communities, volunteers near and far are ultimately contributing to the ideal of a better world for us all. So, take a moment this National Volunteer Week to show your appreciation for those who have dedicated their lives to giving, and raise your (metaphorical) glass to a brighter tomorrow!