My Lived Experience as an Entrepreneur

I am a strong relationship builder. I share my entrepreneur pie with a group of amazing people every day and help our clients achieve their fundraising, communications, and public relations goals. I also wear my heart on my sleeve; what you see is what you get.

I am fortunate and grateful in that I get to do what I love. I have been building a full-service firm for a little over two years now, and even when the days are crazy, my creative spirit is free, and I am happy! I created this organization with a distinct focus in mind; to work with a professional team of like-minded individuals with similar yet complimenting expertise who care about people and have a proven track record of making a difference in the community.

If you read The Cat’s Meow e-newsletters (and I hope you are) or visit our website (thank you!) Pounce Support Services™, you will see we do things differently. We call our team, The Cool Cats: Mirande, Imad, Ron, and Paavneet – I very much appreciate you sharing this journey with me and could not do this without you! We are a sought-after field placement for student interns; we call them Cubs because they are commencing their careers. We believe in providing additional resources outside of fundraising and communications under The PAWS Hub, which stands for Professionals At Work Serving. These professionals are a select group as you can only be a member by my invitation. I encourage you to have a look. I know they do great work and care about people. Our charity of choice is Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society (IWARS) because this is where Stan and I adopted our cats: Kiki, ChaChi, and Little Buddy. We are in the process of creating Katnipps, a NEW series of short podcasts that will shine the light on important topics about fundraising and communication. Thank you, Ruthann Weeks, for coming up with the name Katnipps!

There will come a time when an entrepreneur needs help, and this is often a good thing; it means your company is growing.
As an entrepreneur, I realized I could not be the Facilitator and the Recorder during an important Zoom meeting with one of our clients. I needed help.

I called Ingrid Carleton from Ingrid’s Digital Desk, a respected virtual assistant. She provided the administrative assistance that I needed. She took charge of the Zoom technical support during a couple of SWOT Analysis sessions, created break-out group rooms, recorded everything accurately, and sent me the documents in a quick turnaround time.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, one bit of advice is acknowledging and understanding that you may not have all the time or skills required for some part of a project. Know that it is in your best interest to get help when needed.

Pawsitively yours,

Kat Mooney
Founder & Principal Navigator
Pounce Support Services™