Little Warriors Be Brave Luncheon:
How effective digital fundraising can benefit your organization.

By Alexander Goebel and Jordyn Potratz

On Thursday, May 6, 2021, Pounce Support Services™ interns Jordyn Potratz and Alexander Goebel were honoured to attend the 8th annual Be Brave Luncheon for the first time. The Be Brave Luncheon is a yearly fundraising event hosted by the Little Warriors to raise money for the Be Brave Ranch’s charitable programs.

Using data-driven approaches, the Be Brave Ranch, first of its kind globally, strives to treat the damaging effects of childhood sexual abuse. Founded by Glori Meldrum, a survivor of abuse herself, the Little Warriors have successfully held fundraising events that have aided children for nearly 15 years. Meldrum’s fundraising is unique in that she maintains,

“Nothing will drive the passion but people.”

Instead of solely focusing on the monetary aspect of things, Glori shines a spotlight on the individuals involved, the organization’s mission, and how actions beneficially impact another person’s future.

The event MC and radio personality Jason Gregor is associated with Meldrum’s mission. He demonstrated this in sharing his touching story about his mother, a survivor of sexual abuse, and his subsequent $5,000 donation that occurred during the event. He then challenged others to do the same.

This year the event welcomed more than 1,000 attendees, and for the first time, a child graduate of the Be Brave Ranch program, Cheyenne Brown, now 20 years old, spoke about her healing journey and her future dream of becoming an art therapist.

The fundraising is crucial as it not only provides financial aid but, in this case, provides life-changing support for the children attending the Be Brave Ranch. With the help of the Luncheon and Little Warrior’s “five areas of cost savings” approach to treatment, presented by Clinical Director, Dr. Wanda Polzin Holman,

“The money raised during this time will ensure every $1 million raised,
$11 million of future treatment is saved.”

Chime Live by Encore

For the first time in their history, the Little Warriors Be Brave Luncheon used the Chime Live virtual event service to fundraise during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Chime Live is a digital experience facilitator that allows events to ‘pivot to virtual,’ broadcasting live events and offering participants means of engaging with the conference from the comfort of their own homes. Chime’s support of the Be Brave Luncheon featured web pages for the guest speakers and sponsors and methods for auction and donation, all easily accessible from the left side toolbar while the live stream was running.

Glori Meldrum and her team’s effective and efficient fundraising during COVID-19, and their transition to a digital platform, is something other organizations can learn from to better their means in which they raise monetary donations, even beyond the ongoing global pandemic.

Red Ribbons

The Luncheon closed with a sentimental performance of “Red Ribbons,” a new song written and performed by Glori Meldrum’s husband, Gary, assisted by Alexander MacMullin, for the event.

Thanks to the Be Brave Luncheon, a multitude of kids will have the opportunity to heal from their trauma and positively change their future.

Little Warriors announced that they are launching a capital campaign to raise $1,000,000 for an adults’ new sexual abuse healing program. To date, they have raised $315,000.




For more information:                          *Photos from Little Warriors Facebook page.