Welcome Jordyn Potratz

As She Makes History at Pounce Support Services™ 

Jordyn Potratz
Public Relations Intern
MacEwan University

Creative writing, including poetry
An artist with paint, pastels, charcoal, and clay
Future graduate of MacEwan University – Public Relations Diploma June 2021
Graduate of Archbishop O’Leary High School
Loves her Schnoodle (half poodle, half miniature schnauzer) Khloe.
Excited to begin and write the next chapter in her life

Originally from St. Albert, Ms. Jordyn Potratz is a self-described former child bookworm who would read 600-page books in one sitting, quite an achievement for a ten-year-old! Inspired by an English Major in university, she, along with her family, acknowledges this woman for introducing her to a love for writing:

“My grandma, Lora Kassian, made that love for writing grow by giving me books to read
and later watching the movie inspired by the book. She earned an undergraduate teaching
diploma from the University of Alberta; she majored in English and minored in drama.”

Jordyn is no newcomer to fundraising. In 2018, while still a student at Archbishop O’Leary High School, she was a member of the Students Union and was instrumental in organizing the first 24-hour Bike-A-Thon fundraiser for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. Student teams raised money to send Ben, a survivor of childhood cancer, and the Children’s Miracle Network child, to Disneyland!

In high school, she admits that pinpointing a specific career was hard. She was intrigued with PR as she soon noticed the diverse aspects of what one could do.

“PR checked all the boxes off on my list, and I can display my creativity
through my work while also being able to write.”

Fascinated by stories and having the ability to let her imagination run wild, it is not at all surprising that Jordyn’s academic educational path would lead her to study public relations.

“I have learned that public relations (PR) is hard to define since there are so many aspects to it.
PR is the strategic and unbiased management of relationships between an organization and its publics,
using communication to accomplish mutual understanding, realize organizational goals, and serve the
public’s interest. PR is a management function.”

Building upon her already advanced writing skills, Jordyn is very focused and has a strong work ethic.  When asked how she felt about being Pounce Support Services™’ first intern, she replied, “I am honoured and beyond excited to be Pounce Support Services™’ first intern. I hope I can set the stage for future interns.”

Jordyn was first drawn to Pounce Support Services™ when she researched the newly created website by Schif And The City.  Jordyn chose to intern with Pounce Support Services™ because she felt welcomed to the team right from the start.

 “The Founder, Kat Mooney radiates positive and welcoming energy; this makes me feel already connected to the team! One of my favorite things about Pounce Support Services™ is its core values: people and their causes come first, honesty, kindness, and respect always, and integrity, no matter what.”

Ms. Potratz’s internship will consist of 35 hours a week for six weeks starting May 3, 2021, working alongside The Cool Cats, where she will have the chance to put all her studying into practice. Some of her projects will include creating content and taking photographs for the monthly E-Newsletter called The Cat’s Meow. She will gain valuable experience creating the Pounce Support Services™’ internal brand guide while working on interviews, writing, editing, graphic design, initiating a photo contest, creating a wild PowerPoint presentation and helping the team to develop social networking platforms.


Jordyn will also work with Kat to plan the company’s official virtual launch on:

Thursday, June 10, 2021, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.



*Special thanks to Colin Babiuk, Public Relations Program Coordinator at MacEwan University, for the opportunity to host and help Jordyn Potratz earn her soon-to-be public relations educational designation.