IWARS – We Rely on The Support of Others
By: Kristen Haltermann

It is no surprise to anyone that fundraising is a vital feature of all animal rescues. At IWARS, we try our best to help not only cats and dogs but any household animal that has been unwanted, abused, or neglected; to do this, we rely on our volunteers, foster homes, and donations. Funds raised throughout the year go to saving animals in and around Edmonton, providing vet care to our residents and in-care animals, food donations to our partner community, and more.

Now that you’ve decided you WANT to help, you are probably asking, “How can I help?”

IWARS hosts several events throughout the year, including online auctions, 50/50 and basket raffles, adoption events, and chocolate and plant sales; we also participate in events like the annual Pet Expo and have some nice-looking merchandise for sale!

So, how can you help? It all depends on your interests, lifestyle, and what’s happening at the time. Check out our website at www.infinitewoofs.com and our Social Media pages on Facebook and Instagram as we keep you updated on our current and ongoing events and fundraisers. Our website also has information on how to make single cash donations, become a monthly donor, or donate a vet procedure.

We are also always looking for volunteers who can donate their time, ideas, organizational skills, connections, and passion to join our team and help ensure things run smoothly.

We do not have a shelter or any staff positions, but if you would be interested in helping with fostering, fundraising, transportation of supplies and donations, accounting, or some administrative work, don’t hesitate to contact us at info.iwar@gmail.com. We will be happy to speak with you!

To donate directly to IWARS, click the image below: