IWARS – Rescue Stories
By: Kristen Haltermann

She’s a survivor with a *bit* of help from us humans!

At the end of January, a kind soul found a kitty on the side of a road in a ditch in Parkland County, AB, and brought her to a vet for immediate treatment. 

Covered in urine and feces, likely a couple of days worth at least, and unable to walk, she was transferred to the team at the Parkland County Animal Shelter, who took her in. Further investigation by the vet found she has a fracture in her pelvis, road rash, some cuts and scratches, likely from being hit by a vehicle, and would require cage rest for 6-8 weeks to allow her pelvis to heal safely. Once her legal hold was cleared, Parkland looked for a rescue home, and we took her into foster care, where she is now being pam-purred as any princess should be!

Esmeralda is a beautiful Himalayan mix who enjoys a comfy lap with lots of pets when she is briefly allowed out of her palace. She is a trouper at taking all her meds! She may look like a big girl, but under the beautiful coat is a skinny lady who still needs to gain some weight. All this happened because someone stopped to check on a cat found in a ditch, and a foster parent stepped up to help!  

Please consider fostering; other Esmeraldas need our help, though hopefully, there will be no more broken pelvis’ in the future!

Saving A Cat – A Foster Parents Perspective

Resilient. Gentle. Kind. Inspiring. 

These are a few words to describe our beautiful girl, Adira

Shock – this best summarizes the initial feeling of seeing her condition firsthand. The trauma that this little lady must have gone through is unimaginable and heartbreaking. 

Here Is Her Story

A wonderful young lady had a cat follow her home, and she immediately knew that this cat needed help. Her family contacted us, providing a picture of her condition and as much info as possible. At first, it was difficult to understand what we saw in the photo, but we knew it was not good and this was an urgent case. 

The worst was confirmed as soon as she arrived at our home. This cat’s body was completely COVERED in gasoline, and it appears she had at some point been LIT ON FIRE. Her face, belly, and back end got the worst of it; her whiskers had been fully burnt or cut off, a large portion of her fur was singed, and several open wounds were evident. In other words, this is soul-crushing, heart-wrenching stuff. 

However, our dear girl persevered! Adira got in to see one of our partner vets ASAP and will receive ongoing medical care. She is now stable and comfortable, and we are very hopeful for a full recovery. Of course, she will receive all of the TLC she deserves. I wanted to add that despite the trauma she has been through, we are so inspired and humbled to see the love, trust, and affection that Adira has continued to show – this is one of the parts of animal rescue that makes it so worth it and why I continue to do this.

You can support IWARS’ mission by providing temporary care and housing for an animal in need. Please fill out and submit a foster application on their website today!

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