INTUITION: A Fairytale
By Tracy Montgomery

I want to share with you a story…
A story of a girl who learned to use her Intuition,
And it goes something like this:

Once upon a time, long, long ago…
There was a girl who struggled to trust herself.

She traveled the lands seeking out healers and medicine women that could give her the answers that she was seeking.

Answers that would have the capacity to change her life,
Answers that could create what it was her soul desired to experience.

The girl was very sad because no matter how many different people she sought; she could not seem to find the answers she was seeking.

Then, one day …something happened, something clicked.

She realized that the only one who could give her the answers she was seeking, was herself.

She realized that she needed to stop listening to all the external noise from everyone else and start listening to herself.

She realized that the reason she couldn’t find the answers she was seeking was because she didn’t trust herself.

She realized that as long as she was willing to give her power away to everyone else, she would never be able to trust herself completely.

So the little girl started searching for something different. She started to look for the tools that she could use to learn to trust herself.

She started to practice her tools every day and she worked the tools until the tools started to work her.

She started to see ‘evidence’ of her dedication and determination. She started to use her tools everywhere she went, and everywhere she went she had her tools to guide her.

She learned to trust her tools, and in turn, she learned to trust herself.

It was the making of the most beautiful relationship . .
It was divinely guided as she opened herself up to what else was possible if she trusted herself.

And from that day forward, this girl has forged her own path and stepped into her purpose.

Happily, ever after as she is connected to her intuition,
And playing in the realm of possibility…


Tracy is an Intuitive Healer, Teacher, and Coach. She is also a member of our PAWS (Professionals At Work Serving) Hub.

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