At one point in time, when Kat and her husband, Stan, lived in Montreal, QC, they had five cats; that’s because Kat and her life-long friend, Diane Baron, could not turn away any homeless cat that crossed their paths. As well, Montreal had the highest number of abandoned cats in all of Canada.

Together, by their own initiative, Diane and Kat saved more than 50 cats and kittens. “It is heartbreaking that some people can abandon helpless animals and so rewarding to care for an animal and find them, hopefully, a fur-ever home at the same time,” shares the proud Founder of Pounce Support Services™.

Kat and Stan love animals, especially cats!  In 2016, they adopted Kiki, ChaChi, and Little Buddy all within the year from the Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society (IWARS) in Edmonton, AB, where they saw many of the IWARS cats available for adoption on their regular stop at PetSmart, the Skyview location.

“When Kat called to let us know that Pounce Support Services™ chose IWARS as her company’s charity of choice, we were surprised and thrilled! Then Kat told us why she decided to choose IWARS, and that was truly heartfelt.  Thank you for helping us! We look forward to our continued relationship.” – Danielle Newsome, President IWARS.

IWARS is supported entirely by the generosity of donors. 100% of your donation goes to saving starved, neglected, abused, and homeless animals in Alberta. To support Infinite Woofs with a donation, simply click here now!