Have You Started Your Holiday Appeal?

Now is a great time to start, but you may not know how or have the time. That’s okay; we can help.

A fundraising appeal letter has three critical elements: it is traditionally mailed but more recently emailed. When appropriate, a staff member and/or volunteer can personally visit the donor or potential donor.

Remember who your donors are, what they would prefer to receive, and how. For example, many older donors respond more often when the appeal letter is mailed.  They can see and touch the letter.  For the younger generation and busy people, an appeal by email may work best to get their attention. Other strategies include phone calls and social media. What is most important is to provide a call to action by inspiring the person to give.

The appeal is directed to and intends to encourage many people to donate to your organization’s cause. It needs to include the problem or crises you are dealing with, a possible way of solving the issue, and a shared way of how someone can make a difference by giving their financial support.

One of the best ways to ensure success is to start early, as this campaign will take time to generate the theme, content, testimonials, photos, layout, and graphics. Let’s not forget the research and data mining in your CRM: Who do you want to receive this appeal? Has this person previously donated, or are you sending this appeal to someone new?

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