From Magazine Maven to Movement Maker: The Womanition Story
By: Blessing Adeniyi

Dorothy Brigggs’ vision was simple: celebrate women, not on the cover, but within the pages. What began as a playful twist on a builder’s magazine blossomed into Womanition, a multi million-dollar ecosystem empowering women entrepreneurs worldwide. Her journey is a whirlwind of bold decisions, infectious passion, and the unwavering belief that “ideas can work if you see it and research it.”

Witnessing Womanition’s evolution is breathtaking. It’s a vibrant bouquet of support offering networking events, leadership conferences, a robust mentorship program, online resources, and prestigious awards. At its core lies integrity, Dorothy’s mantra: “It’s your reputation.” This ethos attracts and sustains a loyal community who find support and guidance in each other.

One jewel in Womanition’s crown is the mentorship program. Imagine, for just $500, gaining access to seasoned mentors whose combined expertise could cost over $20,000! Dorothy meticulously matches proteges, creating win-win situations where knowledge flows and potential ignites.

Dorothy’s passion spills over into her networking events. She champions the power of “showing up,” believing presence fosters collaboration and inspiration. Witness these gatherings, and you’ll see a symphony of connection, where diverse women forge partnerships and fuel each other’s ambitions.

Beyond the events and programs lies a crucial life lesson: responsibility. “You make those things happen to you,” Dorothy emphasizes, urging ownership and resilience. This message empowers women to be architects of their success.

So, what fuels Dorothy? Belief. In herself and others. If I don’t lead, who’s going to?” she asks, echoing a true leader’s spirit. She sees herself as a conduit, empowering women to step into leadership roles and change the world.

Her parting message? Believe in yourself, research, and take calculated risks. It’s a call to action, a nudge to embrace discomfort and chase dreams.

The Womanition story is more than a business; it’s a testament to collective action, unwavering belief, and the transformative power of empowering women. As you turn the final page, Dorothy’s spirit lingers, a reminder that even the most unexpected ideas can blossom into movements that change the world.

P.S. Missed out on 200 words? Don’t worry! You can find Dorothy’s captivating tale on TV screens with “Ten TV: The Entrepreneur Network,” now spreading her message even further. Remember, Womanition isn’t just a story; it’s a vibrant community you can join and empower!

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