From Charon Street in Montreal, QC, to Working Internationally

By Kat Mooney

I believe we all come into this world with a special gift. Some of us were born with an angelic voice to sing. Carleton was blessed to have one of the clearest and most prominent voices I have ever heard…and he still does today!

Carleton and I go back many years, but I’m not going to bore you with the details of how many. 

We met in our late teens at the YMCA in our neighbourhood, just around the corner from where we lived on Charon Street in Montreal, QC.

We both lived within a block from one another on the same street but didn’t meet until we said hello to each other one day because we were a couple of regular members. Ahh, revisiting the time of our youth and all the wonderful things we did back then! Our world is so very small.

Fast forward to the magic of Facebook, Carleton and I caught up with each other, followed by a phone call.

Have you ever had lost touch with someone, then picked up the phone, began the conversation, and it is as if time stood still as if it was last week when you last spoke to each other?

That is precisely how I felt when I reconnected with Carleton almost 30 years later. Oh dang, I dated us (sorry, Carleton).

While Carleton was surprised and happy to hear that I moved to Edmonton almost 20 years ago, he continues to be a proud born and bred anglophone Montrealer. I was so excited to hear what his new career is and how he shares his voice around the world.