Pounce Support Services™ is turning one!
Wow, it truly is amazing how fast time flies when you are having fun!

On February 14, 2021, Pounce Support Services™ will be one year old! We certainly plan on celebrating this memorable milestone, so please stay tuned for our upcoming Virtual Birthday Bash & Official Company Launch.

So why did I choose February 14 as our company’s birth date? That’s easy because it is the day our nephew, Jordan Mooney, made his début into this world, making it a better place! My husband Stan and I were there at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Montreal. We were fascinated and truly fell in love with this precious little one.

Circa February 14, 2002

Jordan, our family’s Valentine, is celebrating his 19th birthday this weekend. We could not be prouder of Jordan for the witty, intelligent, and caring young man he has become.  I remember my mother saying this to me so often, and I cannot believe I, too, am about to say it OMG, I am becoming my mother…” how fast time goes by.”    All kidding aside, it is crucial to take the time to reach out to those we love, especially now as the world we once knew is changing because of COVID-19. Do not hold back; tell someone how you feel. After all, Valentine’s Day is about love!

To celebrate Jordan’s birthday and Pounce Support Services™’ first anniversary, we offer a 50% discount on our hourly fees (up to a maximum of five hours) for the first 14 clients who connect with us during February 2021.
Let us be your partner with any of your upcoming project(s) or ask our experts, a.k.a. The Cool Cats, about:

      your burning fundraising and communications questions
      where to begin your donor’s legacy journey in print and program
      how to design a custom press kit and set up your organization’s newsletter
      the right time to build your virtual event with Trellis
      how we can assist with research, develop, and write successful grants
      creating a sense of urgency and raise money through crowdfunding platforms
      how we can create your custom feasibility study
      when to start working on your annual report
      our consulting and strategies for success

Interested: send us an email: curious@pouncesupportservices.com with your name and your organization’s name, the best phone number to reach you, and the project.

Happy 19th birthday, Jordan, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Kat Mooney
Founder & Principal Navigator
Pounce Support Services™