Why did you start working as a consultant/NAVIGATOR?

I felt it was time to do something new.  I have always had an entrepreneurial edge, I did it with the organizations I worked with why not for myself.

What are your educational credentials?

Dawson College

McGill University

25+ years in the not-4-profit jungle

Why help the charitable sector?

Charitable organizations exist to help people, our four-legged friends and causes.  If your charity does not have money despite how amazing your programs are, you cannot fund the cause and cannot help people who truly need help.

Why do you say “Welcome to our Jungle”?

There is so much to learn about fundraising, communications and working in the trenches of a not-for-profit organization, much of which is not found in a textbook. People can be great to work with and not. Insecurity is damaging to organizations and when multiplied with people it has the ability, if not ceased out early by senior leaders, to create a fire that burns out of control.

What is with the Jaguar paws and the Jungle pics?

That is simple…I have four cats at home; three rescues and one stray…I love cats, especially the Jaguar that is in my opinion, so beautiful, sleek and captivating.  I also love glitter, so you will see more of it on this si

What are some of the tougher things you had to do working in a NFP?

Leave the job I really enjoyed because of the internal silos, bullying and mean people…not the cause

What is the best part about what Pounce does?

Sharing expertise and paying it forward to the next generation of fundraisers. Connecting with people and creating strategies to help you raise more money.

Why should our organization work with Pounce?

In addition to extensive experience in the charitable sector, we are authentic and offer a common-sense, down-to-earth approach combined with passion to put your organization in the front and center spotlight that it deserves.