Charles MacKenzie, who is he? And why has he joined The Cool Cats team?
By Sarah Birmingham

Charles MacKenzie, an East Coaster at heart, made his way across Canada, spending three years in Edmonton, Toronto for two years, London, Ontario for five years, and then back to the East Coast. He grew up on Cape Breton Island, with his parents as his first inspiration. In a career sense, his parent’s tremendous work ethic inspired him to stay dedicated.

A graduate of Cape Breton University with a degree in local history, he completed his MA at the University of Western Ontario. Some organizations he has worked with are Diabetes Canada, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Alberta AdaptAbilities Association, and most recently Second Harvest Canada. He has also sat on the boards of Hospice Toronto, AFP Edmonton, and AFP Nova Scotia.

Charles is a passionate fundraising professional. He understands that programs and services cost money to operate. This is why he enjoys helping organizations serve communities through not philanthropy and volunteering.

He was given his start in fundraising by Rosalie Courage, founder of RBR Development Associates Ltd., one of the first fund development companies in Atlantic Canada. Her dedication to the non-profit sector inspired Charles to make this his professional field.

The very first fundraising project he worked on was the capital campaign for the new Halifax Central Library. It moved him to see the impact of what was raised and how it went to good use. After this campaign, he was hooked on fund development.

Charles said, “I love the work that I do and the impact on what we do. The fundraising sector and organization.” This career is rewarding for him, and it is what motivates him every day.

He said, “True philanthropy isn’t just for the rich. You don’t have to donate money to be philanthropic; you can give your time and your passion as well. We can give our time, energy, and passion and have a big impact on the causes that really mean something to us.” Charles is a kind-hearted individual who prides himself on finding where he can help and acting on it. This passion he feels is inspired by being a part of something bigger than himself every day. He feels action in this line of work is what will create results. Contributing to great causes with his heart, soul, time, and dedication.

Charles is an excellent addition to The Cool Cats team because of his passion for helping organizations serve communities better. When Charles sees the impact he is making, that motivates him daily. He looks forward to working with local and regional organizations with Pounce Support Services™.

Fun facts about Charles – he and his fiancé have two cats. Peanut is a Maine Coon rescued from a dumpster in Red Deer, Alberta. She has found a home where she is cherished now. They also have Nomi, who was rescued by the Toronto Humane Society. Nomi is missing some pieces, but being a part of the family makes her full.

Charles is joining the Pounce Support Services™ company of like-minded individuals who have accumulated excellent expertise in fundraising and communications. The meaning of team to Pounce is “TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.” Charles, being the new addition to Pounce Support Services™, is only going to make The Cool Cats stronger.

Thank you, Charles, for joining the TEAM.