3 Ways Donors Can Give During Covid-19

by Kat Mooney


We have heard the news, seen the numerous social media feeds, and continue to practice social distancing. Our lives as we knew them 60 days ago has changed. Will this change last forever? No one knows. Perhaps some people will continue to work from home. Thanks to technology we can learn online and see our loved ones via Facetime to keep in touch with family, friends, clients, and colleagues.

I have heard the fears and frustrations of those working in the not-for-profit industry about raising money. Some have been laid off until further notice. Some have been laid off permanently. Many are concerned with the future of their organizations remaining open. Keep in mind your donors are in similar positions as many have lost their jobs and have children at home and trying to keep up with the school curriculum online and much more. They too are concerned about what the future holds.

See the Opportunity

Some donors may not be in a position right now to make a financial gift, but they can do things to help your organization, you just have to ask them. Have you thought about their expertise and how that could be of value? Here are 3 ways donors can help right now.

1. Ask your donor to write a one-page letter outlining why they give to your organization. Ask them to share their passion and what it means to them to give. These letters will act as future testimonials for you to use in newsletters, blog posts, in your annual report, a direct mail campaign, and on your website (remember to ask and get their permission to do so).

2. Identify some of the needs in your organization and match those with the expertise of your donors. For example, your organization needs help in developing a new garden and you have a donor that has a landscaping business. Ask if this is something that they could help you with (keep in mind we are still social distancing).

3. What products could your organization use now or in the future. Make a list of these products. Consider putting these products into a ‘wish list’ on your website. Then think about the donors who can help. Reach out to them, see how they are doing during Covid-19. Then share your idea of things you need and ask them if this is something, they can help you with.

Let us know how you do!