When I was a young girl of 11, my mom, Peggy Mooney, loved to play BINGO in St. Gabriel’s Church basement in Montreal, QC, and I had to be with her – her choice, not mine. I enjoyed it the first few times, especially when I got to yell BINGO and win the prize money – that was fun!  But being the only young kid with a group of middle-aged, predominately female clan members was not always fun; it was their social event and time to catch up on the weekly news.  As well, it wasn’t the healthiest place with everyone smoking; yes, that’s how it was back in the late ’70s.

By the time I was 12, I was bored to death and continually asked my mom if I could stay home – NO was always her answer. I bugged her to the point where one day she said, “you don’t have to play bingo, but you have to be there with me.

I was desperate to find a way out of playing bingo; I asked Mrs. Queally and Mrs. Paul, who volunteered at the canteen, if I could help them. They chuckled and welcomed me with open arms. Little did I know then, I was also learning how to interact with people and quickly adding the prices of candy bars, chips, and soft drinks in my head – there was no cash register at that time. I was acquiring excellent communication and math skills. Later, I had an opportunity to change the cards for players, check the winning bingo cards, and I began calling out the bingo numbers too!  I was a volunteer!

That was my first volunteer experience, and I loved it!  Throughout the years, I have made volunteering and giving back to my community a priority.  Volunteering is part of philanthropy. We’ve all heard these famous words, “Give your time, talent, and treasure” – but do we?

Throughout Canada, many charitable organizations rely on volunteers’ kindness and generosity with various skill sets to help them continue to move their mission forward. These volunteers make a sustainable difference to so many worthy causes.To all of you who volunteer, Pounce Support Services™ is roaring with applause for your contributions. THANK YOU for all that YOU do to make our world a better place!

If you are looking for a meaningful charitable organization to give to, please consider our charity of choice, Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society (IWARS).  To donate, click here

Kat Mooney
Founder & Principal Navigator
Pounce Support Services™