Anika Zepp – REALTORS® Community Foundation 

In 1976, it was estimated that 40.5% of Canadian mothers were actively employed; 45 years later, a 2021 survey revealed that this number had grown to 76.5%, a full 36% increase of mothers with children under the age of 17 now taking part in the workforce. With the ability to juggle work, parenthood, and the general bustle of the day, working moms have proven themselves real-life superheroes time and time again.

One such superhero is Anika Zepp.

A dedicated volunteer since her teen years, it was during her time at the University of Alberta that Anika fully realized her passion for community work. Following the completion of her undergrad, she entered the professional world of non-profit work as the Volunteer and Program Coordinator at the Compassion House Foundation, which provides women traveling for cancer treatment with supportive resources and programs.

It always felt like a great fit. I just followed that passion I have,
and my skills and my genuine interest naturally kept me in the sector.”

2019 found Anika stepping into a new role as the Executive Director at the REALTORS® Community Foundation (RCF). The RCF represents the 4,500+ members of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton; Their investment in the community includes grants and hands-on volunteering with charitable initiatives that address shelter, hunger, and accessibility.

Anika’s latest role is arguably her most exciting; in 2021, she became the mother to a baby boy. Following her maternity leave, Anika made the jump to working mother, a transition that she ultimately believes positively impacted not only her personal life but her professional one as well.

Coming back to work and being a working parent for the first time was honestly a way harder adjustment than becoming a parent. It changed how I see things, and how I react in stressful situations; I don’t sweat so much over the little things that I would have once thought were fires, and I’m more confident that I can figure it all out.”

While still early on in her parenting journey, Anika has taken the highs, lows, and everything in between in stride. Like many working parents, she has also seen a natural shift in her perspective when it comes to developing a true work-life balance, one that she has embraced with open arms.

If there’s anything parenthood taught me, it’s that time only moves in one direction; It might sound sappy, but your kids are only young once. I will always be the person answering work emails at night and on weekends, but now I’m very protective of that evening window where I get to be with my little guy.”

On May 14th, Canadians will come together to honour mothers and the important role that they play every day. They are our caregivers, our teachers, our role models, and our superheroes, and we owe them so much for all the work that they do.   

NOTE: Anika completed her last day with the REALTORS® Community Foundation on April 30th, 2023, and is now the Executive Director at the Alberta Student Executives Council (ASEC). She can be reached at 

Nicole Mackoway, is the Interim Executive Director at the REALTORS® Community Foundation