Alexander Goebel
Making a Difference to Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society

Creative, intuitive, and driven
World traveler
Future graduate of MacEwan University – Public Relations Diploma June 2021
Graduate of E. LaZerte High School & NAIT
Worked in the trades as a plumber
Loves animals
Ready for the PR profession

Having lived his entire life in Edmonton, Alberta, Alexander fell in love with traveling. As a high school student, he spent some time studying abroad in Japan, touring the country from top to bottom. Before COVID-19, whenever he had the chance to explore the world, he did.  Thus far, Alex surfed in Cuba and climbed waterfalls in Costa Rica. He has also spent time traveling throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

After regularly competing in swimming city championships at M.E. LaZerte high school, Alexander went into the trades, first working as a labourer, eventually becoming an apprentice plumber. He went to NAIT to become certified as a 2nd year Apprentice, then used the money from those jobs and invested it in university education.

Today, Alexander is finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree, with an English Major and Classics Minor. He is also completing a diploma in Public Relations from MacEwan University. This practicum with Pounce Support Services™ is the last step in his educational journey, and he is excited to go out and apply what he has learned in the workforce!

When we asked Alexander how he went from being a plumber to going into PR, this is what he said,

“Shortly after getting out of high school, I found myself going out into the trades like many in Alberta do.
I found the work fine, and the pay even better. However, looking at the people around me, I began
to feel poisoned by the career. I would wake up feeling sick. A lot of the people in there were several decades
older than me and were still doing the same things I did every day and had just become bitter with it. At BBQs
and Luncheons, they would tell me, “Man, If I were your age again, I’d have gone to school,” and I shortly
realized ‘Hey, I’m my age!’ and took their advice.”

The young man in the business suit had always been interested in digital media and community management. As a hobby, he often found himself organizing friend circles. Even from a young age, he volunteered a lot with his mom, Diane Goebel, who worked at the Edmonton General Hospital, setting up for events. In university, that translated to a lot of work with for Students Union at MacEwan University (SAMU) clubs, even working as their go-to guy for newsletters and wrangling groups together. When it came to questions of “What do you want to do for a career?” since these things came so naturally, he wanted to find something in that vein, it was either more volunteer services, but he always loved writing, so he went with the diploma program at MacEwan.

Alexander understands the importance of Public Relations as it relates a lot to messaging.

“Getting messages across clearly, finding the best mediums to deliver those messages,
and being understanding of noise and other factors that could distort communication. A lot of the field,
from media relations to crisis management, boils down to understanding those messages
and getting them out to your audience successfully!”

Alexander is getting to know that Pounce Support Services is a new national fundraising and communications company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Working with non-profits, small shops, corporations, and entrepreneurs, The Cool Cats (the team) develops and delivers fundraising and communications materials for clients that may not have in-house teams. They believe in helping people succeed. “When our clients succeed, we succeed,” passionately says Kat Mooney, Founder of Pounce Support Services™.

When Alexander saw the internship posting, a self-described intuitive and empathically minded person, the first thing he was drawn to the content creation for digital social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, and Instagram.

“Specifically, this was a lot of what I wanted to do with my PR career, and when I saw the other duties and responsibilities, such as working with Trellis, content creation, and writing blogs, I knew these were all things I used to just do for fun, and that this posting would be a great fit for me.”

The internship will consist of working with the Trellis, a new Canadian company out of British Columba specializing in an all-in-one online platform for virtual events.  Alexander will learn and put that learning into good work to raise funds for Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society’s (IWARS) money.

They are also working with them to learn the ins and outs of their digital fundraising platform and transfer that knowledge to other Pounce team members! I will also be working on the CUB Virtual Fundraising Event, creating content for the campaign, drafting blog posts, content on social media, and planning for the event.

Alexander is thrilled about his internship with Pounce Support Services™ because he is getting to work in his field.

“I’m very excited to get out there. It feels like I’ve been in school so long, and although I love everything
about it, I’m very eager to take that next step, and do it with Pounce, a team that I know will teach me just
as much as my education has. I’m ready to finish my last year of schooling and become a “real PR man.
It’s something I am deeply passionate about and excited to start practicing.”

If you would like to connect with Alexander, please email him at

*Special thanks to Colin Babiuk, Public Relations Program Coordinator at MacEwan University, for the opportunity to host and help Alexander Goebel earn his soon-to-be public relations educational designation.